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The new energy recovery system in operation at the Brescia plant is now fully operational

With the beginning of the 2023-24 winter season Alfa Heat Recovery is fully operational. The energy recovery system of the wasted heat contained in the steel mill fumes and its transfer to the district heat network is the culmination of a research project launched in 2016, which reached a first goal in 2021 with the Smart Grid Pilot project.

Today, that project has been integrated in the Alfa Acciai industrial process and allows to recover the energy of both the steel mill furnace and transfer it the district heat network managed by A2A, serving the districts of San Polo and Sanpolino.

Thanks to a total capacity of 22MWt, alfa Heat Recovery allows:

  • Savings of 4,000 tonnes of oil equivalent, which corresponds to the average methane consumption of 5,000 households.
  • Minus 10,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, equivalent to the average emissions of 10,000 cars.
  • Significant reduction in nitrogen oxides and particulate emissions.

The project reinforces the strong integration that has always characterised our plants and their surrounding urban area, i.e., the symbiosis between the companies of our group and the local communities that host them.

Moreover, the plant makes it possible to extend the circular model, typical of our production system based on scrap recycling, to the management of energy flows, and represents a significant step forward in the decarbonisation of the urban landscape.

IMQ - ISO 50001
IMQ - ISO 50001
Certquality - ISO 45001:2018
IGQ - ISO 9001 - 14001
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